Hi, I'm John Absher.

I'm a business transactions lawyer and small business owner on a mission to help other business owners make thoughtful decisions.

I'm interested in the world as it should be, as it could be, and as it is. 

I started this blog to write legal articles, but then I thought: time is too short. Let's talk about more interesting subjects like history, game theory, maps, rugby, and cool business ideas. (There will be some law, too.)

To read more about me and learn what "No Crying In Contracts" means, go here.

10 Second Bio

  • Born and raised in Eastern Kentucky.

  • Past "homes" include Puebla, Boston, Sydney and New Orleans.

  • Earned Texas citizenship through my wife.

  • We have a cattle dog mix whose hair has travelled around the world. 

  • Day job is negotiating and writing contracts.

  • I can and will watch There Will Be Blood an unlimited number of times. 

  • Favorite Authors: Cormac McCarthy, John LeCarre, Graham Greene.


Photo Credit: Dave and Ash Burnett

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